Unique Group Homes Services

Unique Group Homes Services

“Responding to our responsibilities responsibly”

Private owned social service organization

Crisis Response include but not limited to: Social Skills, Calm and Soothing Redirection, Patience and Compassion, Defusing, and Debriefing.


Unique Group Homes Services (UGHS) is a privately owned social service organization providing a variety of residential program services. We are dedicated to serving our individuals by empowering them to live personally fulfilling lives. We are equipped with very competent and committed staff that treat everyone with dignity and respect. Each individual is unique and special to us. We put all our individuals at the center of the care in which they can choose and control how they want their care and support to be delivered. Services are administered through a consistent, caring, “family-oriented” and home-like environment resulting in individual satisfaction, growth, and a sense of ownership.


The purpose of our organization is to assist and encourage individuals with intellectual disabilities to become empowered to not only live a meaningful life but to also live life to its fullest. We achieve this by providing a healthy, safe, and decent environment for all the individuals we serve with an understanding that each individual is unique and special in their own way. They all have the right to make decisions affecting their welfare.  


Valuing diversity, Respect, Dignity, quality services, integrity and compassion for the individuals we serve

Valuing diversity

we believe that having different views is a great way to become more culturally competent.

Respect and Dignity

We honor the worth of each individual we serve, family, staff member, and community partner.

Quality Services

We treat all individuals with kindness and practice a culture of trauma-responsive care.


We act with honesty and accountability to build trust and achieve results of our respectable users.


We treat all individuals with kindness and practice a culture of trauma-responsive care.


Our vision at Unique Group Homes Services is to continue to thrive in a business that is dedicated to providing quality services to individuals we serve.We desire a system and a society where individuals are accepted without prejudice or negativity for who they are….